Gratitude 1: Marmalade Edition

(Originally posted January 29th, 2021 on the old incarnation of the blog)

I want to take a moment and really thank my friend Richard Hajarazadeh, for being there as a good friend throughout that entire journey. Your friendship, sharp mind, and support pulled me through one of the darkest times of my life, and your feedback shaped this album more than I can articulate.

I want to thank Rich Staats for giving me inspiration to finish what I’d started, for recording some swanky ass guitars on Architect of the Past, and for reamping the guitars on Discordia and Fallout.

I also want to thank antogmusic on Fiverr for his piano parts – he’s super reasonable, great to work with, and a fucking amazing player, as you can hear in Architect.

I want to thank Unfa, for his tutorials about how to use open source software, as it gave me inspiration about how to turn a coffee grinder into an auto-tuned seemingly talking instrument.

I want to thank the DrumGizmo developers, the people behind the Calf plugins, the developers who make and improve the LSP plugins, Matt Tytel for making Helm – one of the coolest synths I’ve ever played with – and Chris from Airwindows for making the fattest analog tape saturation plugin you can shake a stick at. I also have to give a shoutout to Robin Gareus for coding the x42 autotune plugin which although is heavily featured on one song, is used on every single track through the album and makes my awful vocals somewhat listeneable.

I want to thank all of the developers of Ardour for building an amazing, libre DAW that blows doors over most of the paid DAWS out there. Paul Davis, I have so much respect for you because of the sheer amount of stupid you deal with on a weekly basis, and that in spite of that you stay focused on your mission.

Finally, I want to thank Katherine Mazoyer, for entering my life at the end of the Marmalade journey, for helping me go get the computer that housed all the Marmalade files, for listening to my mixes over, and over, and over again and providing honest feedback, as well as providing the only female vocals on the album. I want to thank her again for keeping me grounded and sane and encouraging me to take breaks when I clearly needed them but couldn’t pull myself away from a project that was ever closer to being finished. I want to thank her a third time for all of the times she bought food and cookies while I was doing gig delivery work and could barely afford my own bills. I want to thank her a fourth time for stealing my heart, and my pet cat’s heart too.