Migrated, finally

So this is partially a life update, and partially a site update. As you can see, the website looks a little different. Although it’s still a WordPress site under the hood, I am pleased to report it is now hosted on AWS using Lightsail instead of WordPress.com – I ran into limitations with the WordPress.com implementation when it came to uploading large files (ala the DGKit that I am currently working on), and it was expensive to have that kind of limitation when I could pay 1/3 and get SSH access + all the other fun things AWS offers.

Migrating domains was a pain – the https://fusterclucker.wtf (no www) didn’t resolve right after the migration, so it currently redirects to the www version.

As far as things coming down the pipe project wise, I am currently working on finishing the DG kit from earlier this year – I need to pay Ben Amstuz to record more samples for me – and working on a remix of Mein Schmerz from Marmalade that will be a little more grooving, using B.Oops and Atlas2 for drums. This is going to be the foundation of a series of tutorials on B.oops. In addition to that, i bought a new Nektar Impact LX88+ which is … alright. I plan on doing an in depth review of it after I’ve gone and created a MIDI map in Ardour for the community.

Finally, as far as the direction of things in general, I am going to be trying to make this a sustainable income source. This will largely involve affiliate marketing, so expect some links and disclosures to come up as that gets rolling. I’m excited for this – I will be exclusively focused on Linux compatible hardware and software for the things I choose to do affiliate marketing for.

As far as why it’s been so long between updates, I have been in the slow process of moving to a new house here in the NW part of the valley. I finally have an actual studio – I mostly have it decorated with sound proofing panels, but I still have a few to hang up. I also have been super focused on school as this term has involved getting my CompTIA Network+ certificate, and starting the studying for my Security+. Cert courses are significantly more time consuming, so between that + work + the move, I’ve barely been making music at all unfortunately.

That’s going to be changing over the coming weeks though, now that I am moved, settled, and have finished the website migration.